Cotton, acrylic, floss, viscose, recycled polyester, polyamide, wool, mohair, linen, hemp, elastane etc. We can work on a large scale from 1 Nm to 20 Nm from fibers and their various blends. We produce our rich yarn varieties called boucle, frieze, noppe, flam and pasta with our 16 Sauer Allma brand machines.
We respond quickly to your different orders with our N. Schlumberger brand preparation department, which can make wool/acrylic and similar blends, and our Kammgarn production line, which can produce 3 tons of thick yarn per day. We also achieve special effects and touches with our tailstock, blow molding and raising machines.
Weaving, knitting (knitwear and circular knitting) and home textiles (upholstery fabric, carpet, etc.) areas you can use.

With our monthly capacity of 150 tons, we are at your side for all your fancy yarn needs.