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Akmen Fabrics

Our journey started in 1971 in a workshop of 100 square meters in Çarşıkapı. Those years were the infancy years of private entrepreneurship in Turkish textile sector. S. Mehmet Kumral, the son of a family that has been producing ready-to-wear clothing for Sümerbank in Eskişehir since the 1950’s, was continuing his higher education while striving to enlarge his newly opened workshop. Few domestic manufacturers were producing mostly for the domestic market by looking at the European and American fashion trends. The concept of quality was measured only by the durability of the product. With the family experience and dedication of S. Mehmet Kumral, the company started to be recognized further each day.

By the 1980s, liberalization in Turkey’s economic policies opened new doors for the textile industry. The industry was still not producing fashion, but more and more foreign companies were shifting their production to Turkey with its trained workforce capacity. Numerous entrepreneurs have invested in this growing space. Our company, which has already strengthened its place with its experience, product quality and reliability, quickly adapted to the day with its visionary approach.

In the 90s, the impact of globalization was felt in every sense. The concepts of sustainability, quality management and ecological production were discussed for the first time during these years. Companies that correctly evaluated the rapid growth of the previous decade and analyzed the trends were able to both keep up with the new world and survive the economic crises that have been experienced one after another. Moreover, fashion was now produced in Turkey, and domestic brands were opening to the world. Our company, which took its current name in 1991, started to make a name for itself with an investment that would fill a big gap in the sector: fancy yarn production. With the fancy yarn production technology, we brought to the country with great devotion, we became the company that set the standards in a short time. In 1994 we went one step further; In addition to apparel and fancy yarn production, we also started the production of fancy knitted fabrics.

In the early 2000’s, we were one of the first companies that came to mind when fancy yarn and fancy knitted fabrics were the subject. We have succeeded in increasing our competitive power with investments in technology, quality management and human resources. Moreover, we did not use our know-how only to make more sales. With the know-how support we provide to other actors in the sector, we have enabled Turkey to become an active player in fantasy textile products and opened a wide area of employment. We managed to survive after the free trade agreements that came into effect in the mid-2000s and led us to lose markets in many areas to the Far East countries since we could produce what they could not produce, and we were responding to expectations by acting proactively.

Today, as a family of 70 employees, we are an innovation company with an annual production capacity of 2400 tons in a 10 thousand square meter closed area, serving from fiber to fancy fabric. Whether you are a potential customer, or a professional interested in textile technologies; We would like to see you with us in our journey to beautify the world with more ecological, lower cost and more stylish products. Follow us for our new products, new creations, and technological developments.


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Our Mission

TThe basic missions of our company, which operates in the production phase of the textile sector, are as follows:

  • To keep the brand trust of the customers at the highest level,
  • Maintaining the product quality standard and setting new levels in quality,
  • To be loyal to the quality standards and working principles at every stage of production,
  • To contribute to the development of the textile industry,
  • To support the increase in employment in the sector,
  • To focus on continuous development and to integrate with sector innovations.

Akmen Fabrics aims to contribute not only to brand growth but also to the growth of the textile industry with its vision and mission principles.

It produces all kinds of fancy yarns and fabrics with a production capacity of 2400 tons per year.

It sets new levels in quality and maintains the quality standard at every stage of production.

It provides fast and safe service with its superior and powerful machinery in the sector.