Mehmet Kumral was born in 1959 in Eskişehir. As a child, he worked in the textile workshop of his father Ahmet Kumral, one of the most respected tradesmen of Eskişehir, and slept on cotton sacks when he was tired. He grew up in the workshop, which produced shirts, jackets and pants for Sümerbank, “swallowing the distinctive dust of cotton,” as he put it.

Deciding to live in Istanbul in 1971, the Kumral family founded Kumral Tekstil in Çarşıkapı, which is also the foundation of Akmen Mensucat. While S. Mehmet Kumral was completing his high school and then university education, he worked to move the workshop forward in every sense. The company’s product range increased day by day and the production quality increased rapidly.

Mehmet Kumral had a vision for the future that was shaped by his experiences from a young age, and with this perspective, he was thinking about a deficit in the sector in the 90s: fancy yarns, which were largely supplied from Italy. The supply of these yarns required for fancy fabrics, the rising star of the era, was difficult. Moreover, high prices and long lead times were tying the hands of many manufacturers. In such a period, S. Mehmet Kumral started fancy yarn production as one of Turkey’s first serious investors in this field. His company, which gained experience in this field with hard work and dedication, started to produce fancy fabrics with yarns of its own production in 94.

S. Mehmet Kumral, the founder of Akmen Mensucat, who is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to fancy yarn and fabric today, who brings our country forward in global competition by producing fabrics that Italy and the Far East cannot produce, who prevents millions of dollars of imports with his know-how contribution to the sector and contributes to employment, still guides us and the sector with his work ethic, experience and labor.